Director's Message:
"There are exactly ten doors (not counting elevators) between my bike, locked on 31st Street, and each of the 24 tiers, housing 40 men each, in the division of the Cook County Jail where I am staff chaplain. Six guard stations to be checked through. If itís a good day, it takes ...." (more)

The Saving Grace of Jail Inmates Since 1983

On any given day an estimated 8,100 adults are locked up in Cook County Jail, another 610 adults in Lake County Jail, and 290 juveniles at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center.

Kolbe House is an agency of the Department of Parish Life and Formation of the Archdiocese of Chicago and deals directly with those involved in the criminal justice system. Our direct service includes one-to-one visits and pastoral counseling.

We provide religious services in corrections facilities and reach out through other social services. We listen to and stand with the family members, provide emergency services to the incarcerated, their families and other families in similar situations.

Kolbe House recognizes that the incarcerated are often victims themselves and that the "system" is larger than any of the individuals in it. Kolbe House networks with like-minded agencies and groups. In addition, we seek to work for change in unjust situations.

Kolbe House works to educate the public about the realities of the criminal justice system and about the nature of those who are caught up in it.

We recognize that laws and the legal system are determined by elected officials and we are concerned that the voting public be as informed as possible about the complexities of the justice questions.

Our Chaplains offer talks to interested groups and we create and publish Making Choices, a newsletter that we mail to those in prison and to those released from prison.

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